The Most Memorable Gift Experiences In Perth | A Thoughtful Gift Giver’s Guide

Ask someone if they would be disappointed or don’t look forward to receiving gifts. You can bet your bottom dollar that they’d give you a sceptical look. But while materialistic gifts do bring a lot of joy, they’re temporary. But are there gifts that someone can actually treasure forever? 

Well, the answer is yes! Those are the intangible ones. It’s the beautiful moments captured on your camera, posted on your social media, the ones that live forever in your memory. Just think: years from now, you’ll still remember and talk about that beautiful Mediterranean cruise your spouse gave you out of the blue. Or how about that skydiving adventure your best friend booked for you on your birthday? How about that jaw-dropping surprise promotion your boss gave you as a reward for your spectacular job?

Experiences are indeed the best and most memorable gifts you can give to someone. This article provides fantastic suggestions for gift experiences in Perth, presents that will be cherished forever.

Why Are Experiences The Best Gift?

Why do experiences always feel more special than material gifts? People enjoy and value well-being, memories, and emotional fulfilment from life experiences more than materialistic things. They consider these experiences to be a “better use of money.”

This is supported by a study by San Francisco State University. The overall satisfaction with material presents decreases over time as the item loses its value. In contrast, the overall satisfaction with experiential gifts increases as you relieve, remember or re-tell those experiences.

Here are some of the primary reasons many people prefer experiences over tangible items:

  • Experiences are special. People usually prefer a simple gift from the heart over an expensive item.
  • Experiences last longer. The memory and joy of an experience lasts throughout a person’s life.
  • Experiences build relationships. For example, backpacking adventures allow you to connect with new friends. Family trips bond loved ones together. And many people found life partners during a cruise, a concert, or a food trip.

Studies show that Millennials and younger generations seem to be the people leading this trend of experiential gifts. They prioritise travel, adventure, and personal experiences more than homes and cars. They often fill their social media profiles with photos and videos of trips, adrenaline-pumping adventures, concerts, food experiences, and races. More people are now finding value in memorable and meaningful experiences as proof of self-fulfilment. 

The Top 10 Perth Gift Experiences

Gifting people with experiences is not just heartwarming for them. It can change their lives for the better, giving them a wonderful new memory or even a different perspective on life. Here are some ideas for unique Perth gift experiences for your loved ones, closest friends, or deserving colleagues.

Drift Driving Experience 

Is your loved one or friend an adrenaline junkie? Do they constantly feel the need for speed? Then you should give them a voucher or gift card for drift driving.

One of the unique experiences you can give, drift driving, sometimes called drifting, is a technique in which the driver deliberately oversteers a car, losing traction but still maintaining control while rounding off a corner. There’s nothing more exciting than the experience and excitement of doing your very own car stunts! Now that’s a story they will proudly tell their friends over and over. In fact, they might even want to go ahead and pursue a driving specialty professionally.

Drift School WA is one of the best places where you can experience the thrill of drifting. For starters, you can ride in a finely tuned car together with a professional instructor. But if you want to take the experience further, these friendly instructors ensure that you learn practical techniques of drifting in a fun and safe way.

Give them a Drift School Perth gift card so they can redeem it any time they want.

Catamaran Cruise

If your special someone is more of a romantic than a daredevil, then a catamaran cruise would be an excellent gift for that special occasion. A cruise for two is always popular; it’s a lovely present for your parents, grandparents, a couple, or even for you and your soul mate.

Anyone lucky enough to be gifted tickets to one of Chapter 1’s Fremantle Twilight Sunset Cruises would board a sleek, two-hulled boat called a catamaran. They would usually start at the beautiful Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, a well-equipped marina and popular spot for locals.

As they depart, they’ll witness Fremantle and the Perth metropolis come alive with glittering lights set in a background of a sky bathed in a kaleidoscope of colours. If their romantic cruise is any at any point from September to November, they might just be joined by dolphins or humpback whales as they migrate south.

Many of their sunset sailing packages include food and wine throughout the cruise. Alternatively, sunset cruise providers can offer discounts on meals, drinks, entertainment, and other services in partnership with their company.

Hot Air Ballooning Above Avon Valley

Giving someone a chance to see a new perspective of Perth and having that perspective come with a sense of adventure and romance is one of the most unique gift experiences in Perth. You can let your loved one, friend, or colleague experience this through hot air ballooning through Red Balloon, particularly in Avon Valley.

During this incredible spectacle, your friend or loved one can experience the stunning beauty of the Western Australian sunrise high up in the air. They will discover the breathtaking scenery of lush green fields, rolling hills, and rural landscapes hundreds of feet up in the air. It’s always a life-changing and memorable experience seeing the world through the eyes of a bird.

After an exhilarating hot air balloon flight, you may want to enjoy a delicious, hot breakfast. Many companies often provide a celebratory champagne toast for accomplishing the oldest and purest form of human flight.

Hot air balloon flights often last up to an hour-long. However, the memories of the flight will last you a lifetime, which is why this adventure needs to be on your gift list.

Swimming With Sharks At The Aquarium of West Australia

If you have a family member, friend, or colleague who feels alive in the ocean, then they are going to love this adventure. Get them a Perth gift voucher that allows them to snorkel and swim in the Aquarium of West Australia (AQWA).

After a comprehensive briefing, your friend or loved one can swim up to and say hello to fish, turtles, and stingrays. And the cherry on top? They can swim face-to-fin with massive sharks! Now that is a memory they’ll never forget. Who wouldn’t be impressed after hearing that you swam with sharks? More importantly, they will better understand the raw, incredible power of Mother Nature and how important it is to preserve marine biodiversity.

A voucher often includes an all-day general admission entry to AQWA, equipment rental, and a guided snorkel session. The recipient will also get a certificate at the end of the session, proving that they have successfully faced the predators of the sea. After they have had their fill of snorkelling, they can unwind by exploring over 40 of the museum’s remaining exhibits.

Walking At The Top Of The Optus Stadium

Suppose you want to give someone a gift that will take them to new heights; literally, give them a Perth gift voucher for the Optus Stadium. Not just to go and visit the stadium, but to complete a HALO Rooftop Walk; it’s one of the best gift ideas in Perth we can suggest.

HALO is among the most exhilarating attractions in Perth. After slipping into some safety gear, you and your guide walk up to the roof of the Optus Stadium, which is over 46 metres from the ground. From there, you can enjoy a commanding view of the stadium, a view unmatched by even the highest and furthest seat available. From there, it’s as simple as turning around to enjoy Perth’s magnificent skyline.

Of course, nothing is more memorable than taking a selfie in a unique place. But HALO adventure at Optus Stadium takes it to a whole new level. From there, you can actually, and safely, lean over the edge of the roof to have a spectacular, daredevil selfie that anyone would be proud to post online.

Many have visited the Optus Stadium to see games, concerts, and other special events. But only a select few have ever visited the roof.

Indoor Skydiving at iFLY

Your friend loves the idea of skydiving, but they are afraid of heights. Not to mention that an actual skydiving experience is pretty much out of your budget. Well, no worries. You can still give your friend an experience of a lifetime without having to drain your wallet. So go ahead and get a Perth gift voucher for them and yourself to iFly’s indoor skydiving adventure.

Let them experience the joy of flying without being weighed down by a parachute or even a theoretical jetpack! An upward-facing wind tunnel enclosed in a transparent flight chamber pushes a strong flow of air upwards. The force is strong enough to allow a person to be suspended mid-air without a harness or safety line of any sort. A professional instructor ensures a customer’s safety and enjoyment.

A standard indoor skydiving experience features two flights, each a minute long. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually the equivalent of three actual skydiving jumps at 12,000 feet!

Note that indoor skydiving is incredibly addictive; the adrenaline-pumping adventure can be a gateway for a thrill-seeker to move onto skydiving from an aeroplane.

Millbrook Winery Wine Tasting And Helicopter Ride 

If your friend or loved one is a wine connoisseur, then they’ll surely love a visit to the Millbrook Winery. Located in the scenic Darling Scarp, this winery offers picturesque views of Jarrahdale and the eastern hinterlands of Perth, Western Australia. There, they will enjoy the scenery while tasting the exquisite, naturally aged wines.

But experiencing the finest wines is only half the adventure. Getting to Darling Scrap from the city typically takes quite some time. Thus, to reach Millbrook Winery, your gift recipient will take a helicopter flight to the winery. That in itself is an entirely different adventure.

The helicopter flies over Swan River and Perth City, allowing passengers to relish the stunning views of the city and landscapes around. Who knows? Perhaps while flying overhead, you may just discover some hidden wonders in the area.

The entire wine-tasting and helicopter-ride adventure will last for three hours. Honestly, this is among the most unique dual gift experiences Perth can provide.

Paintball Skirmish

Every one of us has an enduring childhood fantasy about being soldiers on the battlefield, courageously fighting enemies while implementing advanced combat tactics. Well, your friend or loved one can now live out that fantasy, thanks to places like Paintball Skirmish.

Paintball Skirmish is based on a large property, subdivided into several playing fields. Each field has obstacles where participants can hide and shoot at each other using finely tuned paintball guns. Each group attempts to survive, eliminate opponents, achieve an objective, capture a strong point, and more. There are many fun missions that players compete to try and achieve.

Friendly and professional staff members guide the clients in using the paintball guns efficiently and safely. They give insights about strategic planning, offensive manoeuvres, defensive positioning, and more. The facility also has a complete array of equipment—paintball guns, paintballs, safety equipment, and camouflage coveralls.

Paintball battles are best enjoyed in groups. Thus, this adventure is ideal if you want to give your work team, family, or friendship group gifts they can enjoy together. 

Fremantle Ocean Jet Boat Rides

Those who love the thrill of darting around at high speed will love the exhilarating Fremantle Ocean Jet Boat Rides. Experienced and fully qualified skippers push a sleek boat to the absolute limit while doing extraordinary manoeuvres such as fishtails, slide-outs, and 270-degree spins. Each ride lasts for 20 adrenaline-fueled minutes.

Just remember that when you give your friend or loved one an ocean jet boat ride gift card, tell them to bring an extra set of clothes. Getting wet is part of the fun.

Scenic Helicopter Flights Around Perth

Give your loved one or friend a gift card for a helicopter flight around Perth and the surrounding areas. Aerial tours are always enjoyable for virtually everyone. Unlike flights in a commercial aircraft, the person will have a complete, 360-degree view of the beautiful landscape below. The pilot also acts as a guide so that they can point out places of interest throughout your flight.

In some flight packages, the pilot may even allow your friend or loved one to take control of the aircraft. Now that’s an unforgettable gift; they could tell their friends that they really flew a helicopter!

The best experience gifts Perth can offer for women can vary a lot. It all depends on her preference, personality, passions, hobbies, interests, and more.

  • The classic cruise is a favourite among many women. Who wouldn’t love the idea and romance of visiting different ports while riding on a cruise ship?  
  • Art and craft workshops are ideal for all women who may have a hidden creative streak. 
  • Food trips remain a staple experience-based gift for ladies who are food connoisseurs. 
  • Local tours and outdoor adventures are always a favourite for the women who love travelling and an adrenaline rush.
  • For the women who love to look and feel good, spa package treatments are excellent experience gift ideas.

What are the best experience gifts for him in Perth?

Like women, men also have their own preferences on how they’d like to spend their time. Here are some classic experience gift ideas for him:

  • A guided tour in the Australian outback is perfect if he has an adventurous streak.
  • Learning to drift at a local drift school 
  • Skydiving with a trained instructor will give him an extraordinary experience that will last a lifetime.
  • Scuba diving gives him a chance to meet up with the real denizens of the sea.
  • Airsoft and paintball are engaging sports that will enable him to meet new people and play with old friends. 
  • Shooting galleries are the proper venue if he has a keen eye and wants to show it off.

What are the best experience gifts for teens in Perth?

  • Teens are often energetic and curious, so experience gifts that are geared toward fuelling adrenaline and satisfying curiosity are perfect. 
  • Backpacking, hiking, and camping tours are great for the outdoor-loving teens. 
  • Taking them for a spin around a race track in a drift car
  • Indoor skydiving is fun. It’s also a relief for parents who don’t want their teens to skydive for real just yet.
  • Escape rooms and interactive games enable them to use their creativity and imagination to solve problems.
  • Indoor shooting games like laser tag are a fun and safe way for groups of teens to blow off steam and have some fun.
  • Cooking classes are great for teens who love to prepare and eat their own meals.


If you want to give a gift that your friend, spouse or loved one will cherish forever, then experiences are the way to go. They will have the adventure of a lifetime, photos and videos to reminisce on, posts to share on social media, and remarkable stories to tell for years to come. 

Ken Leong

Ken Leong is one of the most experienced drivers on the Perth drifting scene. In 2016, Ken founded Drift School WA in to share his skills and his passion here in Western Australia. Catering for beginners through to seasoned drift drivers looking to hone their craft, Ken delivers unforgettable adrenaline-packed experiences at each and every Drift School WA event.

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