Drifting Tracks In Australia | The Ultimate List of Drifting Practice Destinations

Drifting is one of the most exciting activities for people who enjoy driving and taking their driving to extreme levels. For some people, drifting is a sport, but for others, it’s an art. 

However, drivers will have a hard time learning to drift on public roads—driving on public roads while drifting is illegal and risks causing accidents. Anyone caught drifting on a public road is subject to fines and even vehicle impoundment. 

But don’t worry, there are many places throughout Australia for drivers and novice drivers to practice drifting. 

A legal drifting track is the best place to practice drifting. It’s a place where you and drifters of all skill levels can gather, drift and hang out without endangering anyone. 

You’ll find only the best drifting tracks in Australia on this list, so strap in and get your drift car ready for a day at one of these tracks! 

Where Is It Legal To Drift In Australia?

Drifting at any speed is illegal almost everywhere because it leaves rubber marks on the pavement, impairing the traction of the road. You can get fined for drifting, even if you are going within the speed limit. Worst-case scenario, you could be charged with damaging public property or might hurt yourself or someone else in the process. 

However, the popularity of drift driving is not slowing down, and plenty of people are wondering how they can get into drifting themselves. 

If you want to drift legally, we will outline some of the best drifting tracks in Australia. So no matter where you are around Australia, there will be a safe and legal spot for you to drift!

Drifting Tracks In Western Australia

Barbagallo Raceway

If you live near Perth in Western Australia, one of the most infamous drifting tracks is the Barbagallo Raceway or the Wanneroo Raceway. It’s a full-length championship racetrack that even the most experienced drivers find quite the challenge. However, it’s an excellent track where drifters can practice during practice nights and other events they host throughout the week. It’s the perfect destination if you are looking to learn or practise drifting in Western Australia. 

If you want to learn how to drift in Western Australia, you can sign up for some classes through Drift School WA and choose between different packages. You can also learn in one of their cars, so you don’t have to worry about whether your car is up to code—you can jump into one of theirs!

Perth Motorplex

This track is an all-around motorsport venue in Kwinana Beach in Western Australia. It might not boast the biggest range of drifting events, but it makes up for it in everything else. Perth Motorplex hosts all sorts of events, from drifting to drag racing, making it a popular destination for anyone that loves high octane thrills.

Perth Motorplex is the biggest motorsport track in the state, and as you’d expect, has an amazing range of events for all types of drivers. From drag racing to monster trucks, there is something for everyone who loves the sound of an engine. The main Perth Motorplex website page has a convenient list of upcoming events that will tell you which events are open, which are spectator only, and how to get tickets. 

Collie Motorplex

The Collie Motorplex is another West Australian track that caters to cars, bikes, and karts. In addition, many vehicle clubs and organisations use this venue for their social gatherings, activities, and driver training.

Collie Motorplex has smaller events that run throughout the week and on off weekends, organised through their Facebook page. These smaller events are geared towards testing and practising with new rigs and set ups. They also work with Champions Ride Days, which put on special events, including events to watch and ones to take part in. They mostly catered these events to motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Drifting Tracks In Victoria

The Drift Track

This track is a five-kilometre raceway located at Wilsons Promontory, Victoria. Not only does it offer a space for drifters of all levels to practice drifting, but it’s a more natural setting where you combine high-speed thrills with the unique Australian environment. In addition, it’s a kid-friendly place for camping, walking, and other nature trips.

The drift track is a non for profit organisation, and they put on drifting events throughout the year, for all skill levels. They provide both spectator seats, as well as passenger experiences for those wanting to get closer to the action. You can check out their Facebook page for the full list of events for the coming year at The Drift Track

Winton Motor Raceway

The Winton Motor Raceway is another excellent spot for riders of all skill levels to learn advanced drifting techniques. It’s a friendly area where passengers, friends, and family are welcome to spectate and get in the passenger seat to experience what it feels like to ride in a drifting motor vehicle. 

The Winton Motor Raceway website is constantly updated with new events for drifters of all levels. They have testing and tuning days, performance test days as well as driving school track days. Check out the Winton Raceway website for the full list of upcoming events. With multiple events running every week, there’s something for everyone at the Winton Motor raceway. 

Drifting Tracks In New South Wales

Raleigh Motorsports Complex

The Raleigh Raceway is located between Sydney and Brisbane. It offers a vast range of motorsport events and activities, including drifting hosted by different motorsport organisations, clubs, and individuals and racing enthusiasts. It’s one kilometre long and surrounded by natural forests with extreme downhill and uphill sections, making it one of the most visually impressive tracks in New South Wales. 

Raleigh Raceway is open 7 days a week from 9 to 5 but is only open on Monday and Tuesday by appointment. Throughout their calendar year, they have multiple private and Matsuri drift events, as seen on the Raleigh Raceway drifting information page. Apart from drifting, Raleigh Raceway also has karts for hire, with prices starting at $60 for ten laps. 

Sydney Motorsport Park

This track is built and owned by the New South Wales Government, and the Australian Racing Drivers Club operates it. It hosts many motorsport events, such as SMSP Track Day, SMSP Track Night, and the Skid and Slide event for drifting. They even provide a free evening for L-plate drivers to practice driving supervised at night.

Sydney Motorsports has over fifteen different types of events that they run on their premises. These events range from 4WD training to skidpan roll racing and make up their entire calendar year. The Sydney Motorsport Park online calendar is constantly updated with new events, so be sure to check back to find out what events are on, and what’s going on each week. 

Drifting Tracks In Queensland

Queensland Raceway

The Queensland Raceway is the best drifting track in Queensland, and it’s home to over 30 drifting events throughout the year. You can enjoy drifting with friends and the community during Friday Night Drifting events. The atmosphere is very laid back, and the community is very friendly. Some of the drifting events include Friday Night Drifts, Drift Matsuri, Morning Sessions, and the Japanese Nationals. 

The Queensland Raceway is the largest in the state and has constant events going on year-round. They aren’t limited to just drifting, with motorbike and V8 racing events going on throughout the year. The Queensland Raceway calendar conveniently has all of their events listed months in advance, with information on who can enter, what you need to bring, and how much the event is. 

Archerfield Drift Park

The Archerfield drift park provides an ideal space for beginners. The staff is friendly and help you feel right at home. It offers a suitable environment for kids; the drift park has heaps of activities throughout the day at very low prices. It’s an excellent place for practising how to drift, and drivers of all levels will have a good time!

The Archerfield Drift Park is open every Thursday, and every second Sunday and Tuesday. Following the Archerfield Drift Park Facebook page is the best way to stay up to date with everything happening at the track. They use the events feature seamlessly to help keep all their followers stay up to date with their ongoing events. 

Drifting Tracks In South Australia

JDM X-Park Drift And Training Facility

Drifting is one of the hottest sports in Australia, and the JDM X-Park was its first dedicated facility. It’s just a few hours north of Adelaide, and it offers training, driving, and track hire. Like any other extensive racing facility in South Australia, it also hosts many motorsport events open to clubs and spectators. 

Adelaide International Raceway

This raceway is a permanent park owned by the Australian Motorsport Club Limited. The entire circuit is 2.41 kilometres long but also has four different configurations depending on the event. It caters to various events, including drifting. 

Adelaide International Raceway is one of the most frequented tracks in South Australia. The venue has become a popular bookable venue for everything from training days to corporate events. The Adelaide International Raceway website features a handy countdown timer, letting you know what the next public event is, and when it’s being held. 

The Bend Motorsport Park

The Bend is a massive motorsport park; the East Circuit alone is four kilometres long and is used for training, drifting, testing, club days, and other private events. This GT Track is the second-largest racing track globally, and it hosted some major events in the last few years alone. 

The Bend Motorsport Park has one of the biggest ranges of public events available in the state. From open track days to performance test days, they are open every day of the week, all year round, pending scheduled events. The Bend Motorsport Park online calendar is the most up-to-date way to see their current and upcoming events. Check out The Bend event page to find out what events interest you, and how much it will cost you to get on the track. 

Drifting Tracks In Northern Territory

Hidden Valley Raceway

In the Northern Territory, the Hidden Valley Raceway is the number one motorsport complex. It has a one-kilometre drag racing track, a dirt track speedway circuit, and of course—it has sections for extreme car drifting. It’s also the home of the Top End Drift Association. It hosts track practices, passenger rides, and other events where spectators are welcome! If you live in the Northern Territory and love anything to do with cars, it’s well worth your while signing up to join local clubs and sign up for classes. 

As the premiere raceway in the state, the huge amount of events that Hidden Valley Raceway puts on caters to drivers of all skill levels. They host monthly motorcycle and race car meets, as well as frequent drift and mud racing events held under the relevant permits. They aren’t limited to motorcycle and race car events, branching out to go-karts, quad bike racing and mud racing. 

Drifting Tracks In Tasmania

Baskerville Raceway

This raceway is known for its many racing events, including drifting and drift practice days. The staff are friendly, and it’s well organised with a lot of parking space for patrons. The racetrack is short, smooth, and technical, making it challenging and super exciting for drivers and riders. In addition, the people that run the events do a great job, making it an excellent experience for both the spectators and drivers. 

The Baskerville Raceway sees over thirty high profile races and events scheduled at the raceway, although most of the events held there are spectator events. However, they do partner with the Sports Riders Club of Tasmania and put on frequent practice motorcycle ride days. 

Symmons Plains Raceway

Many spectators enjoy the food and the ambience for the high-quality day events they host. A full day at one of their events will let you enjoy every aspect of car sports that the Symmons Plains Raceway has to offer. Changes in the venues practices has seen their reviews and reception skyrocket, making them one of the new favourite venues in Tasmania for all the thrill-seekers out there. Symmons Plains Raceway is one of, if not, the most popular raceways in Tasmania, and is the location for countless events throughout the year. People travel from across Tasmania for the huge amount of competitive racing events they host. The amount of events hosted at Symmons Plains Raceway is more than anywhere else in Tasmania, and while the majority are professional events, there’s always heaps of room for spectators.

Related Questions

Can Every Car Drift?

No, not every car can drift. If you want to set up a drifting car, it has to be a rear-wheel drive with manual transmission. The most common drift cars are the Nissan 200Xs Silvia, Nissan Skyline GTS, BMW M3s, Lancer EVO, and Toyota Supra models. Most drift cars are modified for drifting to handle the excess heat and where they will undergo. 

Drifting schools like Drift School WA enable students to use their vehicles for lessons—so you don’t really need to set up a drift car right away. 

Can You Drift At A Track Day?

Yes, you can drift a car during a dedicated drifting track day. Many drift clubs host events at various raceways where experienced drifters can join the fun and show off their skills to the audience and fellow drifters. These events are fun for viewers and the drivers themselves, so even if you can’t drift, they are a great spectator sport.

Ken Leong

Ken Leong is one of the most experienced drivers on the Perth drifting scene. In 2016, Ken founded Drift School WA in to share his skills and his passion here in Western Australia. Catering for beginners through to seasoned drift drivers looking to hone their craft, Ken delivers unforgettable adrenaline-packed experiences at each and every Drift School WA event.

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