Wanneroo Raceway (Barbagallo) Track Days Guide

The locals of Neerabup, Western Australia, where the Wanneroo Raceway is located, still call it by its former name, Barbagallo Raceway. It was established in 1969, and since then, the Barbagallo Raceway, now the Wanneroo Raceway, has been known as Western Australia’s home of motorsports. Its 2.411 km motorsport circuit caters to different kinds of motorsports vehicles, such as motorbikes, sports cars and supercars.

One of the most popular motorsport events in Perth is a Track Day hosted at Wanneroo Raceway. These events allow people who are interested in cars and motorbikes to experience the thrill of driving on a real raceway at speeds you could never experience on the open road.

Are you interested in attending Wanneroo Raceway Track Days? Here’s a guide about what you should know about their events. Read on for everything you need to know about track days at the Barbagallo Raceway!

What Is a Track Day? 

During track days, raceways open their doors to lovers of speed to participate in track events that allow you to drive on real raceways. It is the most anticipated event for car and motorbike enthusiasts, participants and spectators coming from different places.

A track day may also include recreational activities similar to an exhibit, a fair and an open house for members and non-members, beginners and professionals. Guests can participate in fun-filled activities and motorsports-related displays.

The Barbagallo Track Days available at the Wanneroo Raceway are also a great experience for newer drivers because it allows them to experience speed in a safe environment. If you have your driver’s license, a roadworthy car and a club membership where required, you’ll be able to experience the thrill of doing laps on a real raceway!

What Track Days Are on at Barbagallo Raceway?

There is a range of track days held at Barbagallo raceway, hosted by the raceway themselves and organised by various drift schools and car clubs around the state.

Nishi-D Casual Drifting Event 

If you want a unique drifting experience, Drift School WA host’s an authentic Japanese drifting track meet event, the Nishi-D casual drift event. Nishi-D is an event emulating a traditional ‘soukoukai’, or track meet, that’s become a worldwide phenomenon. Organised by Drift School WA, it is one of the most popular drifting events in the state. If you’re looking to start drifting in Australia, this is a great event to visit. 

These tracks are recreations and replicas of famous Japanese drifting circuits, such as Ebisu South Course in Fukushima, Nikko in Tokyo, Meihan Sports Land in Nara, and many more. What’s amazing about these tracks is that they offer you a chance to experience drifting the way it was meant to be, with scale recreations of intricate and challenging drifting tracks

Nishi-D culminates the ‘soukoukai’ or track meet with a casual and friendly tournament among the drivers wherein winners get to take home prizes and trophies.

Infinite Time Attack Track Night 

Infinite Time Attack (ITA) is well known in Western Australia for hosting time attack tracks, a motorsport that’s different from racing. Instead of competing against another car as in racing, time attack is competing against the clock. Therefore, it is more like a speed event than a race event.

Aside from time attacks, ITA also provides driving lessons to help enthusiasts know more about their cars. They also make sure the tracks are safe and contained by being hands-on in building the street or tracks before the events.

TrakDayz Track Day 

TrakDayz courses focus on teaching safe and disciplined motorcycle driving where you can be ‘one with your machine’. It uses internationally recognised training principles and experienced instructors. Their commitment is to produce better, smarter and more confident riders.

Driftwest Jack’s Hill Practice Day

The Driftwest Jack’s Hill Practice course at Wanneroo Raceway is a perfect location for drifting practice. The WA Sporting Car Club hosts the practice. Practice cars are provided, and bringing your own is strictly prohibited.

WA Track Action Ride Day 

This event is for motorcycle riders. The WA Track Action Ride Day is not a practice nor a race event but rather a leisure ride day for motorcyclists in a controlled course free from other cars and trucks. This event is a great opportunity for motorists to test their speeds and limits.

Come & Try Day 

Hosted by the longest established motor racing club in Australia, the WA Sporting Car Club (WASCC) Inc., the Come & Try Day lets you experience performance driving under the hands of professional and experienced instructors during the three-hour session.

Jaguar Car Club of WA Track Day 

If you own a Jaguar, this event is for you. The Jaguar Car Club organises the Jaguar Car Club track day at Wanneroo Raceway exclusive for Jaguar owners. This event was established because the city of Perth is internationally known to have a vast number of Jaguar owners.

Drift School WA BYO Car Experiences

Most drifters participating in Barbagallo Raceway Track Days bring their own cars for the BYO (Bring Your Own) Car Experiences. They know a thing or two about drifting and love to learn more and hone their skills with the help of expert drifters. This experience is made possible by Drift School WA.

Drift School WA is composed of a passionate crew and talented instructors always willing to impart their knowledge. They generously share their techniques with fellow drifters through the school’s two classes: the Drift Xcelerate and Drift Xpert.

Track Day FAQs

If you are now interested in joining the Wanneroo Track Days, here are some of the frequently asked questions with answers that guide and inform you more about the event.

What Do You Do on a Track Day?

On a track day, as a member of the public, you are able to bring your own roadworthy car and drive around a legitimate raceway without speed limits. Although you cannot race at these events, you can experience driving at blistering speeds you couldn’t experience anywhere else. 

What Do I Need for a Track Day?

The first thing to do in joining a track day is to register. Sign up online, pay the fees, prepare the items you need to bring and be present during the event, such as helmets and enclosed shoes, along with your ticket and licence. You can bring your own vehicle, depending on the activities you are interested in.

Do You Need a Licence to Do a Track Day?

Yes, a driver’s licence is the minimum requirement to join the Wanneroo Raceway track days. Most event hosts provide ‘on-the-day’ licences once you register for their events, allowing you to drive along the tracks with your chosen car or motorcycle. These licences are only good for that event and expire after.

How Do I Prepare My Car for Track Day? 

Ensure your car is in perfect condition and roadworthy with tyres inflated slightly higher than normal pressure, around 36psi. Event organisers recommend having enough fuel for the day, more than half a tank at least. 

What Should I Take on a Track Day? 

Make sure to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants, preferably cotton and avoid polyester. Don’t forget to take all your car or motorcycle documents and driver’s licence. You also need to bring a helmet, and while not necessary, driving gloves are a good idea. 

Are You Allowed to Drift on Track Day?

Depending on the event, drifting during a track day is either prohibited or not recommended. However, if you choose a specific drifting track day, drifting is encouraged! Drifting during a regular track day can be a safety hazard.

How Much Do Perth Track Days Cost?

Perth track days usually cost at least $100 for drivers. For example, the WASCC Come and Try Day costs $125 for a three-hour session which covers entry fees and a Motorsport Australia Introductory license. 

Ken Leong

Ken Leong is one of the most experienced drivers on the Perth drifting scene. In 2016, Ken founded Drift School WA in to share his skills and his passion here in Western Australia. Catering for beginners through to seasoned drift drivers looking to hone their craft, Ken delivers unforgettable adrenaline-packed experiences at each and every Drift School WA event.

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