Unique Anniversary Ideas In Perth | 10 Fantastic Date Activities For Your Special Day

Are you looking for a unique anniversary date idea in Perth? You can take your significant others to a fancy dinner or buy an expensive gift. But romantic dinners are played out so many times that it can feel boring and generic. If you have had multiple fancy dinners in your life, why not change things up with a great experience gift?

Anniversary celebrations do not have to be the same old yearly routine. There are several activities offered in Perth that will make your anniversary celebration extra special and meaningful. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy organising something more memorable and thrilling. 

Here is a list of unique anniversary ideas you can do around Perth. These ideas are perfect for free-spirited couples who seek something romantic, fun, and unforgettable! 

See A Movie At A Drive-In Cinema

Galaxy Drive-in Theatre is the only one of its kind in Perth. Nestled in the northern suburbs right next to Joondalup, it features the latest and highly anticipated films and usually offers weekday movie-watching deals. Galaxy also maintains an onsite cafe where customers can buy popular cinema snacks like hotdogs, chips, burgers, nuggets, soft drinks, and milkshakes. 

Drive-ins became widely popular during the 1950s and 60s because people loved the idea of watching a movie in their cars. Today, going to a drive-in cinema is a fun way to relive the past. But it’s also a great alternative to being at home and watching Netflix in your pyjamas.

You don’t have to worry about other people, and they don’t have to be bothered by you. Going to a drive-in cinema is one of the most intimate ways of watching a movie with the love of your life. 

Helicopter Wine Tasting Tour

Corsaire Aviation’s Helicopter Wine Tasting Tour combines the thrill of a helicopter ride and the splendid experience of wine tasting. The tour involves a helicopter ride around the Margaret River Wine Region, a world-famous wine centre in Western Australia. From the top, you will get bird’s-eye views of the stunning grapevines and coastline in the region. The tour ends with feasting on gourmet food and tasting some of Australia’s premier wines.

Helicopter Wine Tasting Tours is an excellent idea if you want to spoil and treat your partner, because they deserve it. This exclusive wine tour means you and your partner can fully enjoy an intimate and private experience up in the air.

Booking includes food, drink, and transportation arrangements, so all you need to do is enjoy the flight, the view, and the best wine in Australia and from the world. 

Learn To Drift From The Professionals 

Drift School WA is a homegrown Perth drifting school that offers participants the opportunity to learn the art of drifting. Drifting is a driving technique that originated from Japan and is featured in the popular Fast and Furious Hollywood movie franchise. This unconventional technique is all about intentionally over steering to experience a thrill that doesn’t compare to just seeing it on a screen!

Operating out of Wanneroo Raceway Perth, Drift School WA offers this widely popular adrenaline-pumping motor sport activity. They use fully kitted-out high-powered drift cars to help you get a taste of the action in a safe environment, with a pro drift coach alongside you to teach you the ropes. Some of their booking options include drifting experience joyrides, introduction to drifting coaching, and a drifting masterclass for the most action possible. 

This is perfect for couples who want to tap into their wild and carefree side. This activity is a far cry from being boring and generic. It’s guaranteed to be something you will not easily forget.

Visit The Observatory

Perth Observatory offers mesmerising tours of the night sky via its wide range of powerful telescopes. Volunteers will assist you in handling the telescopes and help you identify some of the most incredible heavenly bodies in the Southern Hemisphere. You will see the moon and planets in incredible detail. You will also learn to identify star clusters, dying stars, and nebulas. 

The tour lasts up to two hours and includes access to the museum, meteorite exhibits, astrophotographs, and artworks. This is an excellent twist to the usual ‘anniversary celebration at night’ trend. Some couples may want to do something quiet and romantic, and a stargazing session definitely fits the bill. 

The night sky tour at the Perth Observatory meets those two requirements. Aside from the relaxing and romantic vibe, the night sky tour at the Perth Observatory is also a cool learning experience. 

Whale Watching

Whale Watch Western Australia is a family-operated business that offers incredible whale watching tours. These tours are meant not only to entertain but also to educate the public. 

Whale Watch uses a twenty-five meter luxurious yacht cruiser that is designed for comfort and speed. This vessel has underwater cameras and microphones, big screen TV theatre sets, and five spacious viewing decks. 

Whale Watch’s tours for humpback whales take place around Perth from September to December. Tours that focus on watching blue whales are available from April to May. Whale Watch’s WA location is on Sardine Jetty, Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. 

Whale watching is a perfect choice if you and your partner are both animal lovers. This activity is also fitting if you and your significant other love being out on the open ocean. Whale watching plus great food and drinks are a combination that is hard to match!

Couples Cooking Classes

Salt and Company offers exclusive private cooking classes for people looking to celebrate an event in a more unique and fun way. They collaborate with clients and customise the cooking classes according to personal preferences. Customers can choose the menu, the style, and the focus of their cooking class.

If you believe that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, then look no further for the best anniversary activity. Couples’ cooking class is a fantastic way to combine romance and the fun of cooking and dining.

If you and your partner aren’t talented cooks, this may also be a convenient opportunity to learn something new and engaging. After cooking your chosen menu, you get to have a lovely, meaningful meal together. 

Picnics In A Flower Garden

Araluen Botanic Park is the oldest botanical garden in the Perth Hills area. This natural attraction covers 14 hectares of beautiful gardens. Looking for the casinodulacleamy.com best online slots? Araluen is home to a wide range of wildlife and is renowned for its gorgeous flowers, including tulips.

Aside from wildlife watching and trail hiking, picnics are a great way to spend the afternoon at this garden complex. The area has vast open grass, so you just need to pack your favourite picnic food and supplies and find the perfect spot. 

Your nature-loving side will surely adore this activity. There’s something very tranquil and romantic about just being outside in a beautiful garden. This setup is quite simple, but it is refreshingly different from the usual dinners at a restaurant. A picnic in a flower garden feels unconfined, but is still private and personal!

Visit A Karaoke Bar

Hit Studio is one of the most-loved karaoke venues in Perth. Unlike traditional karaoke bars where all patrons sing in one place, Hit Studio provides private rooms where you, your partner, or your group can sing more comfortably. The karaoke rooms have wide screen TVs, a state-of-the-art sound system, and wireless microphones. Hit Studio makes song selection by using the latest touchscreen technology.   

Singing your heart out is a great way to express yourself and relieve stress, and karaoke sessions are light-hearted and fun. You don’t have to worry about not having a great voice. As long as you are comfortable with your partner, this activity can bring a lot of laughter and enjoyment and fun memories for years to come. Every time you hear one of your karaoke songs, it’ll remind you of your favourite anniversary. 

Relax And Have A Spa Day Together

Vanilla Face and Body Day Spa promise to refresh and revitalise the mind and body of their guests. The spa offers a range of treatments and packages for those seeking to relax and relieve their stress. The most popular package among couples is the ‘romantic retreat’. This package brings guests to a special couples suite where they will receive a full-body exfoliation, a body mask bath, and a scalp massage. After the treatment, couples can shower, use the steam room, and relax at a lounge while sipping Australian sparkling wine. 

If you want a more relaxing anniversary celebration, bringing your partner to a spa is sure to do the trick! This is a splendid way to pamper your partner, especially if your everyday normal routines are quite hectic. With a spa treatment, you will give your partner and yourself time to unwind and de-stress. And the best thing about it is you can do it together in a private and intimate setting. 

Have A Photographer Commemorate Your Love

Archer Imagery is a boutique photography studio that specialises in a range of different types of photography. The studio’s mission is to translate the clients’ precious moments into stunning photographs.  

Archer Imagery’s photographers take the time to listen to the stories of their clients before the shoot. Then they try to create photos that are both creative and personalised. Photoshoots can be done in the studio or outdoors following various themes. 

Taking photos together may seem like a simple way to celebrate your anniversary. But this activity carries a lot of meaning. The photographs you will take with your partner will serve as a reminder of your love and commitment. Your kids and family members will also be able to enjoy the photos. With a photo shoot, you create physical milestones, which you can always look back on as you get older. Memories caught on camera are priceless.  

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What Can I Do If My Anniversary Is In Winter?

There are plenty of things you can do for your anniversary, even if it’s in the winter. There are many fun winter-based activities like going on a ski trip, bowling, watching live sports or attending a comedy show. You can also watch a winter festival, or attend the yearly Winter Village events. Just don’t forget to share a favourite winter snack afterwards!

What Can I Do For My Anniversary At Home?

If you have no choice but to celebrate your anniversary at home, you can still make it more memorable. You can surprise your loved one by lavishly decorating a room. You can also do activities together like cooking, baking, or mixing cocktails. It does not have to be boring either. Dress up, dance to your favourite tunes, and treat yourself to an expensive bottle of wine. 

Ken Leong

Ken Leong is one of the most experienced drivers on the Perth drifting scene. In 2016, Ken founded Drift School WA in to share his skills and his passion here in Western Australia. Catering for beginners through to seasoned drift drivers looking to hone their craft, Ken delivers unforgettable adrenaline-packed experiences at each and every Drift School WA event.

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